About Us


We’re focused on linking arms with our partners on mission to:

  • Connect communities, businesses and nonprofits like never before.
  • Collaborate in co-working spaces, boardrooms and training areas.
  • Customize coaching for leadership development in all areas of our community.
  • Celebrate, network, and resource our partners with core business essentials.


The One Center for Leadership was created to be a collaborative leadership platform to steward the resources, relationships, and leadership our area has to offer.

This vision for multiplication is spearheaded by RiverTree Christian Church Vision Leader, Jason Lantz. RiverTree has been impacting Stark County, Ohio, and beyond for almost 60 years. RiverTree has church locations in almost every community in Stark County, many partnerships locally and globally, and a unified vision to send 20,000 people by 2025 to impact the lives of others.

This is a big vision that will not be accomplished by simply adding RiverTree campuses every couple of years. It requires a larger, more collaborative, Kingdom platform to steward the many relationships God has given us for the sake of others.


Multiply Kingdom Leaders

The One Center in 3 Words


Addition is good. Multiplication is better. One Center will be filled with people who have the vision and readiness to multiply what they do best in to Ohio communities and beyond.


Jesus’ Kingdom is not limited to an hour at church on Sunday. We will send leaders from One Center to impact all domains of our community: education, government, business, non-profit, health care, arts, church, and neighborhoods.


Leaders create new culture and change. Leading at home, with friends, at work, and in our communities starts with leading ourselves. One Center will be a culture that encourages people to become leaders worth following in their places of influence.

Collaborative Work Spaces

Want to be around a motivated, collaborative, leadership culture?

Join us in our Collaborative workspaces, boardrooms and training spaces. These are areas set aside to get online, have a meeting, and be around some great people that you are proud to know.

Customized Coaching

Our area boasts many amazing leaders with a lifetime of expertise and customized coaching accelerates leadership skills.

The One Center is that place to connect you, your board, and your team to a seasoned leader who is for you and will meet up to help you take that next step.


Connecting Communities, Businesses & Nonprofits

Practical leadership development and catalytic events and trainings that inspire, mobilize, and impact all areas of our community. 

Whether you join our events and trainings or want to host your own in the Lab, the Hall or the Sanctuary, you can expect to find others also committed to next level leadership.

Core Partner Services

Do you long for an environment with the spirit of collaboration, not competition?

Our partners happily cheer on and network with other partners. We come alongside our partners to provide expertise, resources, and core business essentials.