Leaders Worth Following

Leaders Worth Following 3.0

A Community of Active Area Leaders Learning and Mobilized to Impact Our Community

A Practical 3-Month Series on Becoming Leaders Worth Following.

You’re invited to join us for this free leadership series and we want you to bring along three of your co-workers, team members, or up-and-coming leaders from your network!

Breakfast and materials are provided.


Upcoming Fall 2021 Session

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Habitat for Humanity East Central Ohio is investing $3 million in the neighborhoods of Lathrop, Hartford, and Belden for the SE Renewal Project.

Renewal builds stronger homes, stronger families, stronger communities.

As local leaders, we have the opportunity to lead the way to make an impact on our community. Beth Lechner and Courtney Brown from Habitat ECO showed us how we can link arms together to bring life and hope back to our SE neighbors.

They have reserved two special dates for you to jump in and serve. Learn more below!


Take action with these tools and resources from our Spring session.

This unique gathering will leave attendees with big takeaways and opportunities to take these practical leadership skills into everyday conversations.

Have you put into practice tools and resources from this series? We’d love to hear Share your experiences or contact our team with questions via email below.